Thornton Creek Tree Service: Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning have a long list of benefits: 

  • Proper maintenance can keep your tree healthier as dead or infected branches are removed.
  • Trimming can improve the appearance of not only your trees but of your entire property.
  • Trimming can prevent damage to property by removing branches that may be prone to fall.

Pruning and trimming are different things and need to be done at different times of the year.

Whatever your trees or property needs, Thornton Creek Tree Service can help. Call today or fill out the form!

Ever had your yard filled with fallen tree branches after a storm or gusty day? Not only is it unappealing but it’s unnerving to think one of the larger branches could fall and damage your roof or vehicles.

By regular trimming and pruning of dead branches, these scenarios can be avoided, and your property kept out of harm’s way.

Thornton Creek Tree Service is here to offer exceptional trimming and pruning services to your trees. We will properly cut away what needs to be removed without causing damage to the tree. 

Don’t let another worry cross your mind about the dead branches above your home and hire Thornton Creek Tree Service today!

We’re here to help and make sure your tree is happy and healthy.

ted removing a tree in a north Thornton front yard

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Benefits of Trimming and Pruning Your Trees

Trimming and pruning a tree does more than just make the tree look better.  While we do make sure your tree is cleaned-up and neat, this benefit is the least-important compared to how pruning/trimming improves the tree’s health and makes your property safer.

Health Benefits To Your Trees

Removing dead, decayed, and damaged branches is especially important because it helps prevents insects & organisms from entering the tree. These organisms and insects could destroy a tree from the inside out, causing the whole tree to die. Also, thinning the tree’s dense canopy allows more air flow and sunlight to come in, which means fewer disease problems.

Removing suckers and water sprouts near the base of the tree provides more water and nutrients to the tree.

To prevent breakage and damage to the tree, we will remove the co-dominate leader. Growing near the top of the tree are co-dominate leaders; two branches that grow straight up and become equally dominant. By removing one, it allows the other to grow & become the dominant branch. This is beneficial because it prevents the branches from splitting and tearing wood during heavy winds.

Safety Benefits For Your Property

As we stated above, removing dead branches reduces safety hazards when there are heavy winds. Regular pruning and trimming help the tree have a strong structure, resulting in fewer branches breaking away. We will also remove all low hanging branches that could cause damage near sidewalks, roadways, and driveways.

More Beautiful Trees

Our tree trimming and pruning service will maintain the natural shape of your tree. Wandering and erratic branches will change the growing pattern, causing a misshaped tree. By removing these wayward branches early on you are protecting the aesthetic of your tree and maintaining its natural shape.

When To Prune Your Tree

All dead, damaged, and decaying branches should be removed at once for safety and health reasons. If the tree does not have any immediate needs, pruning and trimming should be done around late winter or early spring, just before the tree begins to open its buds. Pruning can technically be done at any time but should be avoided during hot dry periods and extreme winter cold.

Why Hire Thornton Creek Tree Service For The Job?

With so many detailed guides on pruning and so many companies to choose from, you might think you’re better off saving some money and doing it yourself. We understand not wanting to invest your money when you don’t have to, but this might be one of those projects you leave to the professionals.

Pruning and trimming a tree that requires a ladder or reaching the top is very dangerous. One slip could be fatal.

Thornton Creek Tree Service provides professionals who know how to prune and trim tall trees safely and efficiently. We will bring equipment that allows easy access to high branches so that we can prune and trim correctly without causing damage to the tree.

If you’re able to reach branches safely, there is still risk in pruning your tree yourself. Trimming and pruning are wounding the tree, and if done correctly, can be very helpful to the tree. If done incorrectly, it could severely damage it and cause disease and rotting.

When pruned right, a tree will “heal” the spot where the branch was by forming a callus that looks like a donut; starting from the edge and growing inwards until the wound is covered. A chemical boundary, or compartmentalization, forms around the wound within the tree that limits any decay that may occur from wounding. If pruning and trimming are done incorrectly the compartmentalization doesn’t happen, leaving a rotting wound that will be harmful to the tree.

By hiring Thornton Creek Tree Service you are guaranteeing that your trees will be pruned and trimmed correctly without any damage occurring. We’re here to keep your tree happy, healthy, and hazard-free!