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Sometimes a tree needs more than just a trim: it needs to be completely removed.

You can trust Thornton Creek Service to remove your tree and stump, safely, quickly and professionally. 

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Trees add beauty and life to your landscape, allowing shade in hot summer days and a home for birds and squirrels. They add a sense of balance and character to the land that cannot be achieved by other plants.

Trees are uniquely beautiful and should be appreciated for the life they bring. But, as the circle of life happens, sometimes they must be removed for safety and to allow new growth to occur.

For professional tree removal services hire Thornton Creek Tree Services. We will remove your dead or hazardous tree correctly and safely. Our trained arborists know the best methods to cut down large branches and the tree without any accidents occurring and without damaging your property.

You can count on us for the most efficient and thorough tree removal service in Thornton, Colorado and surrounding areas!

ted removing a tree in a north Thornton front yard

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When Do You Need Tree Removal?

In some cases, you might be unsure whether you should completely remove your tree or not. It can be a hard decision, especially if that tree has been a part of your home for ages. Sometimes, you don’t need to have your tree removed, and a simple trimming and pruning service can save it. In other situations, such as the ones we’ve listed below, your best choice is to have your tree professionally removed. Before you fully commit to cutting down a tree, have one of our trained arborists come to determine the state of the tree and whether it should be removed or not. We will always give it to you straight with all your options.

The Tree Is Dead: One of the most obvious reasons to remove a tree is if it’s dead or dying. Unfortunately, a dead tree doesn’t serve much of a purpose and it’s better to cut down than left standing. If left, it has the risk of falling over and damaging property, vehicles, and obstructing roadways.

The Tree Is Blocking Views: While it may seem a bit extreme to remove a tree due to the view, we assure you it isn’t. When you consider the effect a better view will have on the value of your home and property it can often be an easy decision and one that pays for itself when it’s time to sell your home.

The Tree Is Unhealthy Or Damaged: If the trunk is showing signs of decay and there are dead branches near the crown of the tree, it might be time to remove it. The tree might have an internal disease that is causing it to die. If a severe storm came through and caused sufficient damage to the tree it might be irreparable, and better off cut down to prevent any safety hazards.

Too Close Or Leaning Towards The Home: If a tree has grown too close to a home it can damage the structure or pipes with its roots. In the same way, a tree leaning towards the house can be dangerous. If a strong wind or storm comes the tree can fall on the home, causing serious damage and potential danger to the occupants inside.  

The Tree Is Diseased Or Infected: When a tree has infection or disease you might notice a subtle difference in the leaves or bark, but an arborist will be able to identify if your tree has an illness. If that is the case the best option is to remove the tree to keep it from spreading the infection or diseases. Infections also cause decay which can make the branches weaker and a safety hazard in windy weather.

Not Enough Space: In some scenarios, a tree might be too large for the location it’s in, posing a threat to its surroundings. If that is the case we would remove and transplant the tree instead of cutting it. A similar scenario is if there are too many trees in the same area, and they do not have room to properly grow.

Roots Are Causing Property Damage: In some cases most of the tree is fine but the roots may be damaging your driveway or other property. Even more complicated is what the roots are actually causing damage to your neighbhor’s property. Don’t worry, we can remove the tree, and the roots, and solve the problem.

Construction or Landscaping: Another cause for tree removal is if a tree is in a construction site and needs to be relocated. Same goes for when you want to re-do the landscaping in your yard and the tree just isn’t where you want it to be.

Trust The Thornton Crew

When it comes to removing and cutting down trees we highly suggest leaving it the professionals. Removing it yourself is extremely dangerous and the accidents can be fatal. Thornton Creek Tree Service is more than capable of removing your tree safely and efficiently.

We will provide the correct equipment and tools that enable us to reach high branches and cut them thoroughly. Don’t risk the injury or accidents and hire a professional tree removal service!

Outside of Thornton? Don’t worry, we serve most of Adams county including: 

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