Thornton Creek Tree Service: Stump Removal

Tired of that ugly stump in your front yard? Maybe it came with your home or maybe your other tree service just isn’t up to snuff. 

Either way, it’s an eyesore and a trip hazard and Thornton Creek Tree Service can help. Call today or fill out the form and let’s get the stump gone. 

Here’s what you can expect when you work with the local tree care professionals:

  • Top of The Market Stump Grinding Equipment
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  • Skilled Arborists
  • No Hidden or Surprise Fees
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If you’re ready for that stump to disappear then give us a call today! We will provide you with a free estimated rate and answer any questions you might have about the stump removal process.

You’re one call away from a stump-free yard!

ted removing a tree in a north Thornton front yard

Pesky Stump? We Can Help!

Why Tree Stumps Should Be Removed

There are various reasons on why a stump should be removed, other than the fact it just doesn’t look good. Often that is the only reason someone might hire our stump removal service, but there’s more than just aesthetics that needs to be protected. We’ve provided six additional reasons on why you should get your tree stump removed.

Safety: A tree stump, small or large, can be a tripping hazard to you, your kids, and guests. If a neighbor accidentally trips because of the stump and gets injured, that’s a liability on your hands. You have to take into account the medical expenses if one of your children breaks an arm or leg from falling over the stump. Also, if you bump your lawn mower into the stump it could cause damage and breakage to it.

New Tree Growth: If the roots from a stump haven’t completely died they can cause new tree spouts to come up. Not only are they are annoying to remove, but if the stump is still there they’ll keep coming up! To stop suckering you have to remove the stump. Also, because the new spouts are pulling nutrients from the surrounding vegetation, your garden or grass will decrease in color and health.

Insects: When a stump is left for a period of time it starts to rot and decay, a process that can take years. During that time, wood-boring pests such as beetles, termites, ants, and other insects might come and establish a colony in your tree stump. While you might not notice them in your yard, they can move into your home, causing an infestation. No one likes pests in their house, so a decaying tree stump should be removed at once, especially if it’s near your home.

Yard Space: Along with these hazards, tree stumps are just a plain nuisance and take up yard space. It’s hard to mow around and is just dead space in your yard. By removing it you are leaving room for a picnic table, a new tree, or more running around space for your pets and children.

Property Value: A property with beautiful trees will add value to it, but a property with only stumps will do the exact opposite. Having stumps lying around will decrease the value of your property and make it less appealing. By hiring our stump removal services you are protecting the value of your home and your investment. If you’re looking to sell your home, planting new trees where the stumps were, will dramatically increase the sale value of your property.

The Honey Fungus: This fungus can spread and kill a number of trees. It can be found in the roots of tree stumps that are still partially alive. While some find their mushrooms tasty for the dinner table, others find them as a serious threat to their garden and landscape. Spreading to perennial plants, they will seek new hosts, such as your healthy trees and shrubs. They cause a white rot to spread among the roots and crevices of the bark, which can sometimes kill trees quickly. If you believe your tree stump has a disease or fungus such as honey fungus, you should get it removed right away. After cleared off, the infected area should not be planted in for 12 months.

Ready for a stump-free yard? Hire Thornton Creek Tree Service today, we would love to work with you!