Thornton Creek Tree Service serves Northglenn, Colorado and Surrounding Areas!

We provide tree removal, tree trimming and complete tree service to the entire north metro area including Northglenn, CO.

With the heavy winds coming in from the foothills and the thunderstorms that strike in the spring, the Front Range trees are bound to need servicing. Thornton Creek Tree Service is here to handle any of your tree problems or needs.

From cutting away dead branches to removing whole trees, we’re the company for you. Our trained arborists are professionals who will complete each job they’re given efficiently and successfully.

You can count on our team members to give you the best service and care that your tree needs. What do you get with the Northglenn tree care pros?

  • Tree Servicing Equipment and Tools
  • Full Insurance Coverage
  • Friendly and Accommodating Customer Service
  • Easy To Understand Estimates
  • Honest and Clear Cut Pricing

Give us a call today using the button above or the form to the right to email us. Let’s get the job done! For the best tree service and care in Northglenn, Colorado, hire Thornton Creek Tree Service today! We service all of Adams County, including the cities of:

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Your Northglenn Tree Care Pros!

We know that each of our services will meet your requests when it comes to tree care. Need dead branches cut? We got it. A stump in the way in the garden? We here to remove it. Does an entire tree need to be cut down? Say no more, we’re on our way to get the job done. We’ve provided an overview of our services so you; the customer, can understand what each has to offer.

Tree Trimming and Pruning 

Keep your vehicles and home safe from fallen branches by regular trimming and pruning. This service will keep your trees happy and growing strong while reducing potential property damage. We remove any wayward branches that are causing an erotic growing pattern to keep your tree’s elegant and naturally formed. If you notice any dead branches you should have them serviced at once, otherwise, it’s best to have your trees trimmed and pruned early spring or late winter. To keep your trees healthy and safe, hire our trimming and pruning service today!

Stump Removal 

One of the many things that set our company apart from others is our stump removal service. Another business might be able to cut your tree down, but what about the stump that’s left afterward? Thornton Creek Tree Service will professionally and efficiently remove any unappealing stumps you might have in your yard or landscape. With our high-quality stump grinder, we will grind the stump as far down as you would like, creating mulch you can use in other areas! Tree stumps are best removed because they can be a potentially dangerous tripping hazard and attract wood-boring insects to your home. You’re one call away from a stump-free lawn!

Tree Removal

Whether a tree is dead, a safety hazard, or is in the way of a construction site, we’re here to remove it. You can trust Thornton Creek Tree Service to provide the best equipment, services, and efficiency to each tree cutting job. We will properly remove every tree safely and correctly according to each situation. Our trained arborists ensure a thorough and safe cutting down process that will leave you with the best results. If you’re looking to have a tree removed, don’t just trust any company, but hire the one you can count on for any job, and that’s Thornton Creek Tree Service. Give us a call today for a free estimated rate and what the tree removal process will entail.

4 Reasons You Should Hire Professionals To Remove Your Tree

Whether you’re the go-to handyman in your neighborhood, or you’ve read every internet guide on how to remove a tree, the project is still best left to the professionals. We’re not just after your money; we don’t want you, or anyone else, to be injured over an accident that could have been prevented. Every tree cutting injury and fatal accident can be avoided by hiring a professional tree service. If you’re not fully convinced yet, we’ve provided 4 more reasons why the task is best left to the professionals.

1. Proper Equipment: We provide top-quality tools and equipment specifically for tree cutting. These tools allow us to cut down any tree thoroughly and safely without causing any damage to your property. Some might think all they need is a ladder, rope, and a chainsaw to complete the job, which is really just a recipe for disaster.

2. Utility Lines: Utility Lines near trees that need to be removed add serious complications. First, if a tree is not properly cut in accordance with the power line and falls on it, the whole neighborhood could be without power until the problem is fixed. Second, and most importantly, you could be electrocuted.

3. Time: Cutting down a tree is not just a simple weekend project, especially if you’re planning on doing it yourself. Removing a tree takes time, money, and patience. Most likely you’re going to have to spend multiple weekends on it on top of everything else you have to do. Hiring a professional tree service means getting the job done the same day by a team of arborist fully knowledgeable about the task at hand.

4. Safety: We mentioned safety above, but as the most important reason to not remove a tree yourself, we thought we would talk about it again. There are a precise process and way to cut the tree that our trained arborist use for safe and thorough results. Having a trusted tree service company remove your tree is protecting you, your family, and your property. We hope you choose Thornton Creek Tree Service for your reliable tree service company. We would love to work with you and take on your next tree cutting project!

About Northglenn, Colorado

Even though we are based in Thornton, Colorado our neighbors to the north in Northglenn are less than 10 minutes away! There are several easy ways to make it to Northglenn with the easiest route being heading north on Washington St or north on Colorado Blvd. If you’re in between these two streets, Thornton Pkwy or E 104th Ave both go east to west. Northglenn has a population of roughly 35,000 people and was built as a master planned community in 1959.

Northglenn has a surprising number of museums considering the size of the city, including the Miners Museum and the Louisville Historical Museum.

Northglenn Festivals!

One of our favorite things about our neighboring city, Northglenn, is the festivals that occur every year! While there are many great events, the best of the best is the annual Fourth of July festival! The event is held at EB Rains Jr. Memorial Park in Northglenn and is only about 10 minutes from Thornton if you take I-25 North and exit at 233.