Complete Tree Service In Federal Heights, CO

Looking for a great tree service team in Federal Heights, CO? Well, congratulations! Your search is over because you found Thornton Creek Tree Service. While we’re based in Thornton, we serve Federal Heights and the entire north metro area.

Why go with us? Here are a few reasons why we think we’re awesome:

  • Top-Quality Equipment and Tools
  • Trained and Experienced Arborists
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Straightforward and Fair Pricing
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Runaround

We can handle any tree problem you might have. Here are the basics of what we can offer for Federal Heights residents:

  • Complete tree removal
  • Branch and limb removal
  • Stump removal whether we cut the tree or not
  • Tree trimming
  • Tree pruning

Whatever you need, we can help. You can contact us using the form on this page or simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re ready to roll!


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Tree Trouble In Federal Heights? Let Us Know About It!

How Our Federal Heights Tree Service Can Help

There are many reasons why you might need a tree service company to help you out we’re going to break down each service, signs you need them, and the benefits they bring.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

The first sign you might need your trees trimmed and pruned is if there are dead branches. Dead and decaying branches can be easily broken during heavy wind gusts or storms and pose a safety threat to your house and vehicles.

Other benefits of having your tree trimmed and pruned include improved overall landscape aesthetic and healthier trees. Regular pruning helps keep your trees looking neat and orderly while still growing in their natural shape. By removing wayward, dead, and infected branches you are making the tree as a whole stronger, sturdier, and less likely to break during winds and severe storms.

Stump Removal

The most obvious reason to remove a tree stump is that they are unappealing and in the way. They basically just create dead space in the yard that inhibits you from using that area. They can also be a potential safety hazard depending on where they’re located. For instance, if a smaller stump is less noticeable your kids, or even worse; the neighbor, could trip and injure themselves.

Another reason you should always have stumps removed is that they can attract wood-boring insects to your household, produce annoying suckers, and be infected by threatening fungus such as the Honey Fungus.

Tree Removal

If you notice any dead trees on your property you should have them removed at once. Dead trees pose a threat to your property and surrounding areas because of the damage they can cause. To protect your home and yourself from repair expenses you should remove any dead trees as soon as possible.

Other reasons you should probably have your tree removed is if it’s growing too close to a roadway or your home. The roots can damage your pipes and the asphalt on the road. For landscaping purposes, we will most likely transplant the tree instead of cutting it down. A tree should only be cut down if it is threatening, sick, or in the way of construction. Otherwise, trees are life-sustaining plants that we should appreciate and protect.

Why Hire Thornton Creek Tree Service?

How is hiring a professional tree removal service beneficial to you? We’re a reliable, local company that gives top class tree services to keep you safe, your trees happy, and your landscape protected.

Our trained and experienced arborists are fully knowledgeable on each of our services, and correctly cut and care for every tree they meet. You can trust our professional team members to take every precaution and step necessary for a thorough and successful tree service job.

You can expect top notch customer service from our Federal Heights team during every interaction. Whether it’s via phone, email or on your property we always do our best conduct ourselves with professionalism. We always treat our customers with a friendly attitude and respect. We’re happy to explain every step of our process in whatever service you need to be done so that you fully understand what we’re doing.

Pick up the phone and give us a call today! One of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you might have and offer an estimate if possible. We are a no-nonsense business with straightforward and fair pricing. We don’t try to sneak any added fees onto your budget or surprise you with extra payments. You can trust and rely on Thornton Creek Tree Service as your honest and local company; here to give you the best services in all of Adams County.

Our service area expands across the entire north metro area, including:

Getting Around Federal Heights, CO

Located in Adams County, just like Thornton, Federal Heights is our tiny neighbor to the west. With a population of fewer than 12,000 people, Federal Heights is tucked away between Thornton, Broomfield and Westminster. At only 1.8 sq. miles we weren’t kidding when we said Federal Heights is small!

It’s also a quick drive from Thornton at less than 15 minutes away from just about anywhere in Thornton if you take E 88th west. In addition to the usualy Colorado beauty, the city also has some excellent disk golf courses to enjoy!